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Farmers across Africa embrace climate-smart innovations


A new book from CTA and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is raising awareness of innovative agricultural practices for coping with climate change in Africa.

Rising temperatures and changes in weather patterns are significantly shaping the face of world agriculture. In Africa, where most economies depend on the primary sector, climate change is emerging as one of the major threats to sustainable development. These changes, coupled with the continent's fast population growth, are calling into question the ability of agriculture to continue to meet Africa’s food needs.

To redress these changes, governments and communities across the continent are already transforming farming practices to ensure a food-secure future.

What is climate-smart agriculture?

This is where ‘climate-smart agriculture’ comes in. Climate-smart agriculture includes practices and technologies that sustainably increase productivity, support farmers’ adaptation to climate change and reduce levels of greenhouse gases. It can also help governments to achieve national food security and poverty reduction goals. Climate-smart approaches include diverse components, from farm-level techniques to international policy and finance mechanisms.

A book on successful climate-smart farming practices in Africa

The new book from CTA and CCAFS, Evidence of impact: Climate-smart agriculture in Africa, showcases many innovative climate-smart agriculture practices with the capacity to increase productivity and build resilience in Africa. Yet these practices remain largely unknown at the continental, or even regional, level. This book aims at raising awareness of them and their potential.

Featuring a range of inspirational case studies from across Africa's diverse farming systems and climatic conditions, this book should serve as inspiration for future policies and investments.

Download your copy of Evidence of impact: Climate-smart Agriculture in Africa (CTA and CCAFS, 2014)

The booklet is the follow-up to Farming's climate-smart future: placing agriculture at the heart of climate-change policy (CTA and CCAFS, 2011).

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  • CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

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