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Shaping the move to next generation farming

by Michael Hailu, Director of CTA

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Building farmers’ resilience to climate in Southern Africa

Ajayi, Olu
by Olu Ajayi

Smallholder farmers often rely on rain-fed agriculture. As a result, farming families oscillate between ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ throughout the year, with their food security, nutrition and income dependent upon the vagaries of the weather.

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New experience capitalisation publications: We’re half-way there

Three experience capitalisation booklets have just been launched and are now available – each one of them with 12 stories describing and analysing the work of different projects and organisations in East and West Africa.

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Using the e-Granary mobile platform to deliver agricultural information to farmers

ICTs offer farmers a range of opportunities to acquire real-time agricultural information to enhance their production. As such, CTA and AgriCord co-financed a 2018 Pan African Farmers Organisation (PAFO) project to provide access to market-oriented agricultural extension and advisory services, via mobile phones, to smallholder farmers in Kenya.

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Building capacity in open data for agriculture and nutrition

The rapidly increasing availability of scientific, social and market data has huge potential to improve the agriculture sector and address food security and nutrition challenges. But to achieve this potential we need to ensure that this data can be accessed shared and used by those who are in a position to realise its benefits.

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