The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.
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Pitch AgriHack competition organised in Burkina Faso


Les quatre gagnants de Pitch AgriHack Burkina

© Yam Pukri


As part of the Innovative Enterprise Development and Market Linkages for Young Agripreneurs in Burkina Faso (iDEAL Burkina) project, a Pitch AgriHack competition was organised in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso on 15 and 16 October 2018. The aim was to select digital applications that could support agricultural development.

CTA’s iDEAL Burkina project, implemented by the Yam Pukri association, aims to strengthen agricultural entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso through digital technologies. Among its activities is the organisation of a Pitch AgriHack competition, similar to those organised by the CTA at a continental level since 2015, and planned again this year at Accra in Ghana for the 9th edition of the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), from 3 to 6 September.

Seventeen companies responded to the call for applications, launched on 6 September 2018 on the project’s Facebook page. Thirteen were selected to present their ICT solutions to the members of the project’s steering committee, made up of ICT professionals, professional agricultural organisations and students. In the end, four applications were selected.

Four applications/ICT services selected

  1. AgriYaar, a platform that connects rural supply and urban demand through an online store and home delivery service.
  2. Le Terroir, an online marketing platform for local agri-food products led by two women, who were inspired by the success of Soreetul, another online marketing platform for agricultural products in Senegal, which won CTA’s 2016 Pitch AgriHack competition. Le Terroir was set up to contribute to the promotion and consumption of products made in Burkina Faso.
  3. Zinbiss Yaar, an online trading platform specialising in the sale of pre-washed vegetables and fruit, cut and packaged for immediate consumption. Founder Mireille Bakawan developed the idea for Zinbiss after going through several internships “without any promise of employment on the horizon”.
  4. AgriPrest BF, a platform helps farmers to find the services they need for their activities (ploughing service providers, seedlings, inputs, agricultural equipment, etc.).

The four winners of the Pitch AgriHack Burkina competition are currently following mentoring programmes at specialised incubation facilities for young ICT entrepreneurs – including KeoLiD, EcoData and C.R.E.D.I.T (the Centre for Research and Development of Initiatives and Talents) – to improve their services and business management capacities.

“The competition helped us in that it allowed us to show the public the potential we had within us in the field of ICT. I am also delighted to be able to offer services to operators in the rural world once we have finished the incubation period”, said Le Terroir founder Rachidiatou Badini Windpouyré.

The four winners will receive prizes ranging from one million FCFA (€1,524) for first place to 300,000 FCFA (€457) for third place. Prizes and certificates of participation will be awarded to the four winners during the project’s mid-term review workshop in Ouagadougou, from 19 to 21 June 2019.

The four winners’ applications will increase the ICT services available to young farmers, and more generally to farmers in Burkina Faso. Through a contract with the iDEAL project, the winners whose applications are already at an advanced stage will be able to offer their services to young agripreneurs.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Hydro-Agricultural Development, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Postal Development and the Ministry of Youth and Professional Training of Burkina Faso supported the organisation of the competition and activities.

The business of farming: How digitalisation is bringing Africa’s youth back into agriculture


They say that the future belongs to the young. In Africa, the future of the continent’s agriculture almost certainly belongs to its youth. More than 60% of Africans are under 25, and every year, 10-12 million young people enter the job market in search of employment. Vast numbers work in farming in rural areas – agriculture employs almost 70% of the population – but the prospect of higher wages and a more secure livelihood is driving urban migration for many others.

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