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Semi-finalists of Pitch AgriHack 2019 announced


A team of Caribbean developers


Semi-finalists have been selected for Pitch AgriHack 2019, the annual competition that awards young entrepreneurs in ICTs for agriculture (ICT4Ag). The competition supports entrepreneurs through capacity building and funding to accelerate youth employment and agricultural transformation.

In addition to cash prizes, finalists of the competition benefit from a financial management and investment readiness bootcamp, grants and access to investments, capacity building and promotional opportunities. Selected finalists will pitch their innovations to ICT4Ag and business experts at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Accra, 3-7 September.

The semi-finalists (listed below in alphabetical order) will be further screened against announced criteria by an international panel of judges composed of industry experts in ICTs and agriculture, entrepreneurs and investors.

The finalists, 50% women led companies, will be announced mid-July and invited to the AGRF.

  1. Ablefood (Nigeria)
  2. Adiyeaba (Benin)
  3. AFRIKAMART (Senegal)
  4. Afrimash (Nigeria)
  5. Agri Zoom (Congo)
  6. Agri-Analytico (Zambia)
  8. AGRICKONNECT (Nigeria)
  9. AgriEdge (Morocco)
  10. Agriple (Nigeria)
  11. AgriPride Farmgate (Nigeria)
  12. Agriwaves TV (Nigeria)
  13. AGRIX (Cameroon)
  14. Agro Supply Uganda (Uganda)
  15. AKABOXI (Uganda)
  16. ARANMI (Nigeria)
  17. Archeos (Benin)
  18. Arinifu Technologies Ltd (Kenya)
  19. Bei Sokoni (Tanzania)
  20. Big Samps Market (Ghana)
  21. Birdpreneur (Nigeria)
  22. Bringo Fresh (Uganda)
  23. Cajou App (Togo)
  24. Carvy Crafts Ltd (Tanzania)
  25. CashCow NG (Nigeria)
  26. Ccog Agroservices (Nigeria)
  27. Chikafu (Zimbabwe)
  28. City Digital Consults (Nigeria)
  29. Complete Farmer (Ghana)
  30. Crop2Cash (Nigeria)
  31. Deamat (Ethiopia)
  32. Dev Corp Technologies (Senegal)
  33. Digital Agro Connect Solutions (Nigeria)
  34. DisrupTech (Benin)
  36. EFAMU COMPANY (Uganda)
  38. EL-kanis and Partners (Nigeria)
  39. Endelea Uganda (Uganda)
  40. ENTRAG (Chad)
  41. ePoultry (Nigeria)
  42. Famunera (Uganga)
  43. Farm Republic (Nigeria)
  44. FarmerCash Ltd (Ghana)
  45. Farmers Market Kenya (Kenya)
  46. FARMHIRE NIGERIA Ltd (Nigeria)
  47. Farmingtech Solutions Ltd (Kenya)
  48. FarmIT (Kenya)
  49. farmnport (Zimbabwe)
  50. farmsense (Nigeria)
  51. Farmsquare (Nigeria)
  52. FlowFacto (Jamaica)
  53. Fooddata Nigeria (Nigeria)
  54. Foodlocker Limited (Nigeria)
  55. FootMo Kit (Uganda)
  56. Fursa 101 Africa Limited (Tanzania)
  57. Gidan Gona Integrated Farms (Nigeria)
  58. Grainothèque (Ivory Coast)
  59. Hekma Consulting (Tunisia)
  60. HOPE FOR MALI (Mali)
  61. Jaguza Tech (Uganda)
  63. Jinukun SARL (Benin)
  64. Kava World (Vanuatu)
  65. KILIMO SMART (Tanzania)
  66. KilimoGuide (Tanzania)
  67. Kitovu Technology Company (Nigeria)
  68. KivuGreen Corporation (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  69. Kwidex Company Ltd (Ghana)
  70. La centrale paysanne (Benin)
  71. LEBALMA GAMBIA Ltd (Gambia)
  72. Limitless Ai (Ghana)
  73. Lockminds Company Ltd (Tanzania)
  74. malep-farm (Cameroon)
  75. M-Flock (Zambia)
  76. Milkoin Limited (Kenya)
  78. Nampya Farmer’s Market (Uganda)
  79. NANO AIR (Senegal)
  80. NOCOFIO (Ghana)
  81. Oktopus Technologies (South Africa)
  82. OUTREACH TRADERS (Tanzania)
  83. Overseas! Corporate” (Cameroon)
  84. Peach Water Consulting (Nigeria)
  85. PHEMA AGRI (Tanzania)
  86. Produce.NG (Nigeria)
  87. ProFish (Ghana)
  88. PROMAGRIC (Cameroon)
  89. Raino Tech4Impact (Kenya)
  90. Recy World (Nigeria)
  91. Rera Technologies (Zimbabwe)
  92. RuralFarmersHub (Nigeria)
  93. Savanna Circuit Tech (Kenya)
  94. Shamba Records (Kenya)
  95. SokoHela (Kenya)
  96. Technoplus IT Solutions Ltd (Uganda)
  97. TechShelta Company Ltd (Ghana)
  98. THE AGRO BARN Ltd (Nigeria)
  99. The Fly Colony (Nigeria)
  101. Tolbi (Senegal)
  102. Trackball Global Technologies Nigeria (Nigeria)
  103. VIRTUAL SPACE (Zambia)

Pitch AgriHack is part of the AgriHack Talent initiative of CTA and aims at accelerating e-agriculture entrepreneurship for improved livelihoods in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

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One of 11 woman-led finalists in CTA’s 2019 Pitch AgriHack competition and, ultimately, a winner in the mature platform category, Nigeria-based Foodlocker is helping smallholder farmers to access large and lucrative markets. Jennifer Okoduwa, the company’s co-founder, explains how.

The business of farming: How digitalisation is bringing Africa’s youth back into agriculture


They say that the future belongs to the young. In Africa, the future of the continent’s agriculture almost certainly belongs to its youth. More than 60% of Africans are under 25, and every year, 10-12 million young people enter the job market in search of employment. Vast numbers work in farming in rural areas – agriculture employs almost 70% of the population – but the prospect of higher wages and a more secure livelihood is driving urban migration for many others.

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In August 2014, after facing severe losses as new poultry farmers, a group of university engineering students hatched an idea that would not only save their chickens but that of hundreds of Kenyan smallholder poultry farmers.

It is necessary to increase support for innovative entrepreneurship in Africa


Tenemba Anna Samaké, CEO of MBC Africa, was a jury for the 2019 Pitch AgriHack. In this blog post, she shares her impressions of the contest - and why she believes it is important to support youth and women in agriculture.

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