The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.

Call for Proposals for a Grant: ICT-Enabled Mechanisation in Africa


Published on Monday, 8 October 2018.

This is a call to explore and implement initiatives supportive of the effective use of digital technologies for agricultural transformation in Africa.

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU). Its mission is to advance food and nutritional security, increase prosperity and encourage sound natural resource management in ACP countries.

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CTA is launching a Call for proposals to support the implementation of ICT-enabled mechanisation services in Africa. Applications have to be sent by email by Thursday, 11 October 2018 @ 6:00 PM Netherlands time.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Grant / Call for Proposals is a maximum of €250,000.

More information are available in the call documentation at the links below:

Applicants may send questions by email no later than 21 days before the deadline for receipt of applications to: Ken Lohento, Senior ICT4Ag Programme Coordinator, . Only inquiries (and not proposals) will be sent to that address. The email to which proposals will be sent is indicated in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Responses to questions asked by interested candidates

1/ Question

Our client does not have audited financials for past years, is still possible to win the grant financing? We have created an investor memorandum for our client, that answers almost all of the different points requested for the application. Could we apply by sending in the IM rather? Our initiative is about ... Is our initiative eligible for the a/m call for proposals?


Eligibility criteria and all requirements on what the project can deal with, documentation to be submitted, are detailed in the Guidelines for Applicants that you can read on the call’s page. All requested documents must be filled out and submitted. There will be no exceptions in requirements unless this is already planned in the Guidelines. If you read the documents carefully, you will have the desired answers. If you are in doubt but believe that your proposal or organisation / consortium is eligible / meets the terms of reference, please submit your proposal and the jury will deliberate.

2/ Question

Do you have a list of prospective partners/applicants who would be interested to have us as a partner on this call? Could you either put us in touch with others interested to apply or share our profile with them?


We don’t have an institution requesting a partner and we do not have a list of partners as this is an open call for proposals.

3/ Question

It seems the proposed project activity is for a single season, meaning that it is not more than 1 year according to the Guideline for applicants. Is that clear?


We expect that the winning organisation (s) will continue implementing the project after that deadline.

4/ Question

Is CTA in a position to consider proposals from public institutions such as Universities?


Yes, but it depends on the content of the proposal - see more details in the call. If you feel what you want to propose is in line with requirements, please submit your proposal.

5/ Question

Mechanised post-harvest processing is also a critical agricultural value chain activity in our locality. Will CTA consider proposals relating ICT- Enabled Mechanised Post Harvest Processing? The need to set up small and medium sized post-harvest processing factories is currently in high demand in our locality and can potentially create more jobs.


We are open to consider proposals dealing with mechanisation in general. However, as put in the call, priority is given to land cultivation services.

6/ Question

Is the grant open to individuals?



7/ Question

Is it mandatory for the project to cover two countries (item no. 4 -geographical coverage)



8/ Question

The webpage seems not accessible


Maybe it was a sporadic network problem. Please try again or later, we have just checked and it is working.

9/ Question

I would like to know if the title and the scope of our project will be accepted?


We cannot comment on the title or scope of your proposal.

10/ Question

What is the maximum number of partners to be engaged?


We have not defined a limit in the number of partners, just plan partnerships as you see fit.

11/ Question

I am wondering if you can expand on the definition or share a bit more about 'ICT-enabled mechanisation', perhaps providing a few examples beyond tractors that would be applicable?


We have a general understanding of the word “mechanisation” and any service that is developed using a machine operated using some ICT is eligible. The priority is given to farmland cultivation services as specified in the call. The evaluators will be the ultimate judges. As a general note, eligibility criteria and all requirements on what the project can be about are detailed in the Guidelines for Applicants.