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Guarantee funds unlock finance for agri-entrepreneurship in West Africa

Timely completion of field preparation and grain harvesting is a major challenge for rice farmers across sub-Saharan Africa. A new business model led by young people is providing mechanised services to farmers for activities such as soil preparation and harvesting, helping them to intensify production and improve their income as a result.

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Innovative partnerships based on shared value accelerate the upscaling of CSA solutions

Helping women farmers to succeed through improved access to basic infrastructure

Agribusiness development interventions help Pacific island communities access global markets

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Economic impacts of climate change on priority value chains in the Caribbean

To support the implementation of CTA’s flagship project for the Caribbean, this report is aimed at developing capacity-building efforts for specific groups of farmers engaging in specific production activities in priority value chains so they may improve their access to key markets. This report focuses on the threats climate change poses to the production of two priority value chains in the Caribbean – fruit and vegetables, and roots and tubers.

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Climate-smart agriculture - Producing more with less

Making climate-smart agriculture work for women farmers and entrepreneurs

myAnga app, a game changer for pastoralist climate resilience

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ICT competition success for Solomon Islands start-up

The Malaita Youth in Business Association (MYIBA), was one of the recipients of three awards during the Pacific Agrihack Lab competition in Tonga last year December 2018. The event sought to scale-up novel and existing ICT innovations to improve economic activities within agricultural value chains.

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Africa’s Eyes in the Sky

The Sun Exchange: Democratising energy

Project increases Ugandan smallholder yields and incomes by 70%

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