Bridging the gender gap



Background articles

Gender equality: Ag-tech’s potential to boost women’s empowerment

Tiana Cline
by Tiana Cline

Digital technologies are revolutionising agricultural value chains, providing improved access to inputs, finance, markets and weather information. With the right policies and programmes in place, agricultural digitalisation has the potential to facilitate women’s economic empowerment.

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Irene Ochem: Using technology to bridge the gender gaps in agribusiness

Stephanie Lynch
by Stephanie Lynch

Founder and CEO of Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF), Irene Ochem, explains how CTA’s VALUE4HER programme will harness digital technology to support women in agriculture.

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Data Reports

Uganda: Lawyers go digital to reach women farmers

Busani Bafana
by Busani Bafana

For less than €1, women farmers in Uganda are accessing legal advice via their mobile phones. The SMS service, driven by an all-female team under the leadership of Hellen Mukasa, helps women to realise and defend their rights, particularly in regards to land ownership.

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