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Promoting agritourism in Barbados

Like many Caribbean nations, Barbados faces two distinct crises. On the one hand, the island now imports almost 90% of the food consumed. On the other, levels of obesity and associated diseases have risen, largely because people are eating processed products and calorie-dense foods, most of which are imported. Agritourism, which links farmers and agribusinesses to the tourist market, could play a significant role in tackling both these problems and CTA is working closely with local partners to encourage the growth of the local food market.

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Three-dimensional knowledge sharing

Leaving an uninspiring office job, Debora Linga received support from CTA to set-up her own NGO, Tribal Peoples Development in Suriname. Thanks to her Saramaccan tribal origins, she is able to truly apply a participatory approach to development. We caught up with Debora to learn how she is generating lasting impact in her local community and how CTA is involving indigenous people in the development of solutions to the issues they face.

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Blog articles

Helping digital entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to grow: insights from the CTA's AgriHack Talent initiative

 Ken Lohento
by Ken Lohento

In a sector as complicated as e-agriculture, supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs through mentoring and providing access to financing, is of particular importance.

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A potential cash cow in the Caribbean

Innovative regional stakeholders are beginning to unlock the potential of traditional Caribbean food crops – roots and tubers – through value-added farming production and agro-processing initiatives.

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Boosting data innovations and entrepreneurship

Innovators, programmers, and application developers are at the forefront of a movement that combines big data, open data, and the internet of things to create new marketable products and services for the agricultural sector. Events, like hackathons, pitching and networking gatherings, are important for these young innovators to improve and exchange ideas, get technological advice, connect to investors and marketers.

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Opinion articles

Four ways farmers can improve resource management to become climate-smart

 Una May Gordon
by Una May Gordon

The Caribbean landscape is littered with small farmers who are at the frontline of the fight to combat climate change. But with the 3 U’s of climate change – its unprecedented nature, its unpredictability and the need for urgency – stacked against them, the question begs: Is it possible for farmers to improve their resilience to climate change without increasing global emissions?

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Cross-sector collaboration in the Caribbean

The sustainable development of linkages between the tourism and agri-food sectors involves policymakers across several ministries, not just from agriculture and tourism. Both agribusiness and tourism are driven by trade, investment, innovation and technology.

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GMO and food security: a dangerous illusion

Hunger is wreaking havoc both in the North and in the South, in the USA and in India, which both devote significant areas to the cultivation of genetically modified plants (GMO). In 2012 a quarter of India’s population (217 million people) were suffering from malnutrition, nevertheless the country has a surplus agri-food trade balance.

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Background articles

Model gardens for Haiti

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Strengthening the weak link

Development of the cold chain in ACP countries is necessary if they are to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of reducing food waste. Poor access to cold chains impacts food and nutrition security, while also hampering agricultural development and the emergence of an efficient agri-food sector.

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News articles

Wild turmeric turns a trade in Belize

 Natalie Dookie
by Natalie Dookie

In Toledo district, farmers are earning three times the going rate for their turmeric by supplying a local processing company to produce the world’s first ‘wildcrafted’ whole root turmeric paste.

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Boutique winery bears fruit for Caribbean agripreneur

Convinced of the need for her native Trinidad to diversify its economy, Laura Superville was keen to set up a business based on local produce. The result is a range of wines based on the aroma and taste of tropical fruits, which has opened up a new career path for this young agripreneur, as well as job opportunities for other members of the community.

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Youth can bring a level of innovation to CSA initiatives

 Stephanie Lynch
by Stephanie Lynch

Ayesha Constable, the Jamaican National Coordinating Officer of the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (JCCCP) and founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change Jamaica, explains the importance of recognising youth as agents of change capable of creating effective climate-smart agriculture (CSA) solutions.

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Taking an agribusiness approach in the Caribbean

CTA has recently interviewed Torin Gilalta, technical officer at the Caribbean Agri-business Association (CABA). CABA works to provide a private sector mechanism to facilitate organized, coordinated planning and development of regional programmes and projects in the agri-business sector in CARICOM.

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Data Reports

Hydroponics: An eco-friendly approach to water management

Across the Caribbean, farmers are currently struggling with prolonged drought. According to the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, drought conditions in 2015 resulted in a number of countries experiencing water shortages. In Jamaica alone, drought affected 18,000 farmers in 2015 and cost the agriculture sector over €700,000.

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Scientific Articles

Breadtrail: from farm to fork

 Darien Jardine
by Darien Jardine

BreadTrail, an app created by Darien Jardine, Nirvan Sharma and Reshawn Ramjattan, makes introducing reliable and incorruptible traceability to the supply chain secure and scalable while providing benefits to everyone involved from farmer to customer.

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Transforming Africa’s agriculture: Eyes in the sky, smart techs on the ground

Recognising the opportunities offered by the drone-based systems, in 2016 CTA partnered with leading private sector operators, and assisted African ICT start-ups in acquiring the capacity to deliver UAS services in the framework of this project known as 'Transforming Africa’s agriculture: Eyes in th...