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Exploring the transformative power of drones in Rwanda

On a windy day high up in the hilly country in Rwanda’s Northern Province, Paul Tuyisingize observes the rapid flight of a drone above his wheat fields with an expression of wonder and delight. “I’m very happy with this project,” he says as the drone’s multi-spectral sensor gathers information about the condition of his crop. “I think it will help me to increase my yields.”

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for agriculture

 Serge Kedja
by Serge Kedja

High-income countries have seen recent improvements in their agricultural management systems through modern remote sensing technology, such as satellites and aircrafts and the information they collect. Out of the vast amount of data collected, advice is provided to farmers and fishers to help inform their decisions.

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Accra 2016: Where Africa's Agribusiness Entrepreneurs Gather to do Business

More than 700 delegates from around the world are in Accra, Ghana, from 4 to 9 October to focus attention on ways to transform Africa’s agribusiness environment. CTA will participate with a number of activities hereby described.

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