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Digitising farmer cooperatives to improve efficiency

Few people in sub-Saharan Africa use traditional banks and bank accounts, since these are typically urban-based and serve a narrow market.

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Farmer organisations promote youth entrepreneurship – Lessons from Zimbabwe

Farmer organisations have a key role to play in encouraging youth to stay in the agricultural sector, and pursue agro-based livelihoods. Crucially, they have strong potential in helping young people to become thriving agripreneurs, through the provision of training and opportunities to develop their skills, as well as by linking youth to key players in the agricultural value chain.

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Peer-to-peer insights from young ACP agripreneurs

In most developing countries, agriculture is the leading employer in rural areas. However, many young people regard the sector as the domain of the older generation, and shun it as a result, often migrating to urban areas in search of greener pastures. Here, two cases from Nigeria and Jamaica showcase the successful experiences of young agripreneurs who have launched start-ups, instead of moving away. Their stories may serve as inspiration for other youths contemplating a future in agriculture.

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