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Promoting agritourism in Barbados

Like many Caribbean nations, Barbados faces two distinct crises. On the one hand, the island now imports almost 90% of the food consumed. On the other, levels of obesity and associated diseases have risen, largely because people are eating processed products and calorie-dense foods, most of which are imported. Agritourism, which links farmers and agribusinesses to the tourist market, could play a significant role in tackling both these problems and CTA is working closely with local partners to encourage the growth of the local food market.

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Alliances for action: resilience and sustainability

Clare Pedrick
by Clare Pedrick

Building consensus among a wide range of players will play a critical role in shaping sustainable solutions for Pacific problems, and ensuring a sense of ownership for new policies and strategies. That is the message from a side event to the Pacific Week of Agriculture (PWA), "Building resilience in Pacific agri-food/nutritious systems: Towards regional alliances for action".

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The second Pacific Week of Agriculture (PWA) explorse how dynamic partnerships can help to address some of the major challenges facing the agri-food sector in small island states in the region. Being held in Apia, Samoa from 30 September to 4 October 2019, the theme of PWA 2019 is "Enhanced partnerships for sustainable agriculture and forestry systems in the Pacific". The event follows the inaugural Pacific Week of Agriculture held in Vanuatu in October 2017.

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Hunger is on the rise again even though there is enough food to feed the world. According to the UN, over 800 million are currently going hungry as a result of conflict, drought and disasters linked to climate change. Eliminating hunger and all forms of malnutrition is about more than just increasing food production; it encompasses the need to improve the quality and nutritional value of food, raise incomes and strengthen food systems to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food.

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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the associated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2050, signal a comprehensive and transformative agenda for sustainable development. In February 2019, the Brussels Briefing 54 – organised by CTA, the European Commission (DEVCO), the ACP Secretariat and Concord – brought together speakers and participants, from a range of sectors and organisations, to discuss progress towards SDG2 and what needs to be done to ensure this goal is achieved by 2030.

Background articles

Adding nutritional value to Kenyan crops

Justus Wanzala
by Justus Wanzala

Farmers in Kenya are supplying a local agri-processing company with millet, groundnuts and honey to produce nutritious snacks and strengthen local value chains.

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News articles

Rwandan farmers reduce losses with nutritious grains

A private processing company in Rwanda is working with thousands of farmers to train them in the production of fortified crops for processing into nutritious products. Their partnership is increasing profits for local smallholders as well as helping to combat Rwanda’s high levels of malnutrition.

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by and

As African farms remain under siege from fall armyworms, new strategies to help control the spread and combat the effects of the pest are showing early signs of promise.

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A safety net scheme in Haiti is providing the country’s poorest households with regular food vouchers to purchase locally produced, nutritious food. Local markets and agribusinesses are also benefiting from bolstered trade in the region due to the programme.


Coordinated action to address agriculture and nutrition challenges

Susanna Cartmell-Thorp
by Susanna Cartmell-Thorp

Judith Francis, CTA Senior Programme Coordinator for Science and Technology Policy, outlines why concerted action is needed to combat malnutrition

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Data Reports

Pumpkins turn a profit for young farmers in Uganda

Pius Sawa Murefu
by Pius Sawa Murefu

Byeffe Foods Company is working with a network of over 5,000 young farmers in Uganda to produce value-added, nutritious pumpkin products which are sold across the country.

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Scientific Articles

Fighting food insecurity with indigenous plants

Ousseini Issa
by Ousseini Issa

In Niger, a social enterprise is using local plants that are resistant to the arid climate of the Sahel to produce nutritious food. The result is better incomes for farmers and a preserved environment.

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