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A sustainable increase in the production of healthy foods will be impossible without the transformation of smallholder farms into profitable businesses. Digitalisation of agriculture has the potential to revolutionise smallholder farming in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), significantly improving productivity and profitability.


CTA is a leader in the use of ICTs for agriculture and is at the forefront of the move towards precision agriculture for smallholder farming. We focus on increasing profitability and productivity by leveraging digital solutions and strengthening business innovations. As part of this drive we will promote precision agriculture solutions, including data gathering by satellites and drones, weather information and soil sensors as well as other data driven farming practices. CTA also supports access to new services for farmers in the areas of finance and insurance.

To achieve reach and scalability CTA collaborates with a network of partners globally, regionally and nationally.

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CTA increases profitability and productivity by leveraging digital solutions and strengthening business innovations


young ICT entrepreneurs supported since 2016


smallholders digitally profiled since 2016


African smallholders reached by D4Ag solutions by 2030


Africa’s addresable market for D4Ag solutions in 2030

CTA and digitalisation

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BenBen Ghana: Empowering citizens by providing land security


Founded in 2015, BenBen is a Ghanaian-based land tenure and property tech start-up. BenBen leverages distributed ledger technology (DLT) in building digital platforms for securing land-based assets and financial transactions in African land markets. BenBen’s vision is to build the digital infrastructure to enable African economies to fully unlock the socio-economic potential of their land and create ethical land markets.

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"Digitalisation is crumbling all sorts of borders and African agriculture will be deeply impacted. Technologies can help stimulate innovation for sustainable agri-food systems and produce better and safer food while preserving natural resources and biodiversity. But we need to be conscious and support solutions that are sustainable and that are tailored to countries’ needs, and embedded into conducive and broader innovation systems." Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit at the European Commission, DG for International Cooperation and Development