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Seeding Innovation, Harvesting Prosperity

Engaging women in ICT solutions for agriculture

The 2018 European Development Days (EDD18) places women at the ‘Forefront of Sustainable Development’ with a diverse range of sessions linked to this theme taking place on 5–6 June 2018 in Brussels. CTA has a key role in these discussions and Director Michael Hailu will highlight how CTA is supporting women’s access to ICTs in agriculture during a debate on “Going digital: Sustainable development in agriculture for women”.



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Delivering ‘bundles’ of services offers boost to women agripreneurs

Women are major players in Africa’s agriculture sector, but have to overcome a number of hurdles in developing and running successful farming businesses. Providing packages of services, including access to land and finance, business skills, extension advisory services and effective markets will support more women entrepreneurs in carving a place in agribusiness, a thriving sector touted to unlock new jobs, higher incomes and more robust livelihoods.

Enhancing access to information for women in pastoral areas – challenges and opportunities

Bridging information gaps for women agripreneurs

Livestock business hubs unlock opportunities for pastoral women in East Africa

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Agricultural marketing platforms must demonstrate value to end users

For online agricultural trading platforms to be scaled and sustained, they need to overcome an array of challenges relating to system design, revenue traction and uptake. Here, Samwel Rutto, regional manager for Structured Trading Systems at the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC), highlights the common pitfalls and key considerations for agribusiness when trying to grow their online client base.

Organic farming: offering women entrepreneurs access to high-value niche markets

Climate-smart impact investing doing good and doing business

“You have to be trained to start a business, then have regular guidance”

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