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Jul 11

Geo4Africa Summit 2017

Geo4Africa Summit 2017

Event Overview

The Geo4Africa Summit 2017 brings together different practitioners in the field of Geo-Information Systems (GIS) to explore and showcase the relevance of geo tools and applications.

Spatial database issues, developments, and challenges involved in the design of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) remain a hinderance in geo populating and geo analysis despite the vast amount of data and knowledge storages existing within the Africa Region. Encountering the gap in knowledge databases, Geo-Spatial data plays an important role in visualisation and data interpretation which brings forth the Geo4Africa Summit 2017 whose theme is “Geo Tools Innovating Knowledge Databases”. The summit brings forth various stakeholders to solve the challenge, brainstorm on relevant data transformations and use of geo spatial data in building Knowledge Management Systems. 

Hotel Africana, Plot 2-4 Wampewo Ave, Kampala, Uganda


  • ILICIT Africa