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Jan 19

Open data for the better land governance and capital city prospects in Tanzania

Open data for the better land governance and capital city prospects in Tanzania

Event Overview

It is widely understood that effective use of land, the sustainable production of food and development are linked. Yet, creating effective policy, which takes into account broader notions such as economic prosperity and social justice, especially in the context of competing claims to land use and title, still presents significant challenges. The difficulties are compounded by the fragmented nature of information resources about land.  There are many sources of information about land, but their visibility, accessibility, consistency and completeness vary enormously. This workshop brings together various stakeholder in Dodoma to tackle and discuss more about open data.

  • Discuss the need for data that  can be processed to make informed decisions together with various stakeholders in Dodoma, Tanzania. 
  • Improve the capacity of institutions responsible for land governance to execute open data processes as means to improve participation in the matters regarding land governance for the better future of Dodoma.
  • It is expected that at the end of the workshop participants should be able to define open data, explain why it is important to publish them in the context of good land governance, explain how open data can be used at various scales of land management for improved governance and better prospects. 


  • University of Dodoma, Tanzania