Nov 14

Webinar: The 9 ways IOT and blockchain can help smallholder farmers

Webinar: The 9 ways IOT and blockchain can help smallholder farmers

Event Overview

In support of the StrikeTwo summit series of events and to reach and support those interested in blockchain use in ACP agriculture, CTA is working with Fairfood and The Fork to provide a virtual space for discussion linked to face to face events.

Nine ways have been identified in which new technologies such as blockchain can empower smallholder farmers:

  1. Access to self-sovereign digital identity
  2. Proving ownership claims
  3. Access to affordable loans
  4. Access to affordable insurance
  5. Sending and receiving payments
  6. Avoiding middleman corruption
  7. Increasing yield and productivity
  8. Strengthening negotiation position
  9. Capitalising on data

Join guest speakers Ben Ekanikpong (El Kanis & Partners) and Ad Rietberg (Agri-Wallet) to discuss the biggest learnings of implementing digital solutions for smallholder farmers.

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