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Digital contracts are plugging a trust gap in agricultural trade, providing farmers with a bigger pool of buyers

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Drumming up support for agriculture

A crowdfunding platform and an agriculture-focused non-profit offer their advice on how to navigate the crowdfunding process successfully, and what they would do differently.

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Closing the agri-finance gap for women

Improving rural women’s access to finance represents an untapped business opportunity for financial service providers prepared to tailor products to meet their needs and to find innovative ways to overcome social and logistical hurdles.

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Lessons learned from Ghana

Through incentives, training and technical assistance, USAID’s 5-year Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (FinGAP) has changed the way financial institutions and business advisory service providers engage in agriculture.

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Innovative credit scoring systems to help farmers

With many smallholders having neither the collateral nor credit history to qualify for a loan, alternative credit scoring pilots are springing up to help banks assess the true risk of would-be borrowers and tap this potentially lucrative sector.

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Financing agribusiness for sustainable development

Enterprise challenge funds in Africa are matching grant funding with agribusinesses that have the potential to grow and create impact for rural populations. By mitigating against market risk, challenge funds are boosting the development of investable and sustainable businesses.

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Mobile based payment solution for smallholder farmers

Connected Farmer Alliance, a mobile-based payment solution developed by a public-private partnership, is transforming agri-finance for value chains such as nuts and milk in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, as well as helping farmers to access credit.

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Supporting agricultural SMEs in Africa

Bamboo Finance and Louis Dreyfus Commodities are launching a €46 million investment fund, NISABA, to support agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. The fund will support small and medium enterprises along the value chain by improving access to data and training, and by linking producers to end consumers.

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