Chris Addison

Sr Programme Coordinator Data4Ag, CTA


Chris Addison is Senior Coordinator of Data for Agriculture, at CTA. He has worked in ICT for development for 25 years. His Data4Ag experience started while working at the International Food Policy Research Institute to develop the Global Hunger Index, a linked open data set, and working on the openAIRE programme. Addison is currently running a series of CTA activities to support better use of Data4Ag through farmer-led businesses and organisations.


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Technological innovations and advances in digital farming continue to evolve at a rapid pace, increasing efficiencies in farming operations globally. However, the adoption of these new technologies by small-scale farmers is still low due to poor data infrastructure and a lack of business partnerships, limiting farmer organisations from capitalising on market opportunities.

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Data-driven services have the potential to effectively propel agricultural innovations and contribute to the sustainability of food systems. But despite a continuous increase of initiatives facilitating common data exchange in agriculture, a lack of legal and policy frameworks continues to hamper ownership, control and access of data.


  1. Whole-family approach to agricultural market success

    This brief describes how Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI), a non-profit organisation in Samoa, works with farming families to produce high-value products for local and global markets. Shifting away from a women-focused approach, WIBDI now uses an approach that involves the whole family, keeping all family members on board. It has also invested in digital applications and resources to increase the efficiency of operations, profile the producers and their products, and facilitate engagement with markets and customers.

  2. Leveraging ICT innovations to support farmers and farmers’ organisations

    The data revolution is helping us make better decisions in all areas of our lives, and farmers are no exception. However, the smallholder farmer is being left behind as more data applications are developed for commercial farming. There is a need to better empower smallholder farmers to leverage information and communications technology (ICT) innovations for greater productivity and efficiency.

  3. Farmer profiling: Making data work for smallholder farmers

    The objective of this research is to understand the role of farmer organisations (FO) and cooperatives in the agriculture data ecosystem. It details for each stage of the crop cycle, the findings in terms of data use, needs, and challenges and contains a summary of the findings in the form of recommendations for farmer organisations and cooperatives in terms of farmer profiling activity.

  4. The power of online communities

    Smallholder farmers need to absorb a huge amount of information that will directly impact their work. Communities of practice can strengthen their ability to influence agricultural research and policy and improve their farming practices.


  1. Dec 6

    Farmer Field School and digitalisation

    Thirty years after the creation of Farmer Field School (FFS), the landscape of knowledge and information has changed dramatically. Challenges with infrastructure, digital literacy, gender-digital divide, cost of access and capacity development need to be addressed to promote sustainable use of ICTs in FFS. On this basis, the FFS team produced an initial report highlighting the trends in ICT an…
  2. Dec 6

    DigiMetis Symposium

    Wageningen Economic Research organises the next Digimetis symposium entitled "Digital agriculture and rural communities: current perspectives on the digita…
  3. Dec 6

    Strike Two Summit: Farm Income

    This summit comprises of three events where digital innovations are showcased to make our food system more circular, sustainable and future-proof. Each event is focused on a part of the food chain: starting with a consumer-orientated event on building trust, followed by an event entirely for farming industry and…