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Elizabeth Nsimadala

Entrepreneur, President of Eastern Africa Farmer's Federation (EAFF) and President of the Pan Africa Farmers Organization (PAFO)

Elizabeth Nsimadala is the President of the Pan Africa farmers Organization (PAFO) and President of Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF).

Elizabeth Nsimadala


Previously, she served four years as the Regional Women Representative at the EAFF and Treasurer Board Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) a member of EAFF. She also sits at the Governing Council of Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) and Chairs the Governing Council of the Uganda Cooperative College in Tororo among others. Elizabeth is a successful agriprenuer and has been at the Centre of championing farmer-led Agriculture technology and innovation at the EAFF through the E-Granary initiative that virtually aggregates farmers for markets. She is a passionate cooperator and she spearheaded the push to have the regional law on cooperatives – The East Africa Cooperative Societies Bill 2015 through the East Africa Legislative Assembly. As a result of her efforts, she was recently awarded and Globally recognized by the World Farmers Organization (WFO) as one of the exemplary women leaders in Farmers Organizations’ contributing to sustainable development.


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