The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) confirms closure by end of 2020.

Gerald Otim

Chief operating officer and co-founder of Ensibuuko, Uganda

Chief operating officer and co-founder of Ensibuuko, Uganda

Gerald Otim


Otim represents a generation of leaders in Africa that are using entrepreneurship to impact communities and foster inclusion. Before moving to serve in a full-time role as COO at Ensibuuko, which seeks to equalise access to financial services through online banking, Otim worked with Educate! – a not-for-profit organisation working to influence education systems in Africa to foster practical entrepreneurship training in schools.



African start-ups are the least funded in the world; 80% of funding goes to Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa with most directed to FinTech (financial technology) start-ups. Ensibuuko, a Ugandan company providing mobile finance services, received financial and incubation support as winner of CTA’s AgriHack programme in 2013.


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