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Michael Sudarkasa

Africa Business Group, CEO

Africa Business Group, CEO

Michael Sudarkasa


Michael Sudarkasa is CEO of Africa Business Group, an Africa-active economic development company based in South Africa. He is also founder of the Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform, a youth focused agripreneurship accelerator with programmes in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.



When engaging with youth agripreneurs in Africa on the challenges they face, access to finance emerges as a key concern. Closer scrutiny of their business models generally reveals that young entrepreneurs are often not deemed creditworthy, or suitable for investment, primarily because they lack consistent and deep access to their perceived target markets. In short, their order books are lean and their access to markets is limited.

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Since business incubation/acceleration initiatives, especially in agriculture, are new to Africa, the adoption and the consistent recording and analysis of their impact is still work in progress. Prompted by youth employment or under-unemployment, incubator/accelerators chiefly support youth entrepreneurship development - from the ideation/innovation phase to assisting more seasoned enterprises seeking support for faster expansion.


  1. Women’s agribusiness access index

    This brief outlines why we need an index to measure and monitor women’s access to the services, markets, policies and other aspects constraining their ability to contribute to and benefit from opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness, especially in the developing world. This would allow policy-makers, women’s development advocates and development partners to better focus their efforts so they make agriculture work for women.


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