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Senai Wolderfael

Founder and Managing Partner at Feed Green Ethiopia Exports

Senai Wolderfael is a 30 year-old Ethiopian entrepreneur and founder of Feed Green Ethiopia Exports, an Addis Ababa-based outfit that produces and exports popular Ethiopian spice blends such as shiro, mitmita, korarima and berbere. Senai is a graduate of business administration and previously worked for Ethiopian Airlines before making his dream of having his own company a reality.

Senai Wolderfael


In 2012, he founded Feed Green Ethiopia Exports primarily to serve the needs of the Ethiopian diaspora in the United States and in Europe. As demand for Ethiopian spices increased, the company began exporting into new markets in Africa.

Before turning to entrepreneurship in 2012, he worked for nearly four years as a customer service agent at Ethiopian Airlines, earning $150 per month. It was at his duty post that the idea for his company occurred to him. He would see many of his countrymen returning overseas to their countries of residence with large bags of local dry food items and spices.

With a start-up capital of less than US$2,000, Wolderufael got an export business license and with his business partner, Eyob Weldegabriel, started Feed Green Ethiopia and began delivering these items to Ethiopian diasporas.


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