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Varun Baker

Farm Credibly CEO

Farm Credibly CEO

Varun Baker


Varun Baker’s experience in applying technology to solve agricultural issues started 8 years ago as co-founder of the Slashroots Foundation where he was tackling issues such as the theft of crops and livestock from farms in Jamaica. Benefitting from close interactions with farmers who have shared their challenges has provided insights that help to shape the work that Farm Credibly is doing today. Farm Credibly leverages blockchain technology to provide access to loans for unbanked farmers in Jamaica.

Kingston based, Varun Baker, has over 11 years of enterprise level industry experience in business communications and operational management, with a strong focus on software engineering. He designs and builds web services, mobile applications and website architectures based on open standards.



It is widely recognised that access to finance is one of the biggest barriers to more young people becoming engaged in agriculture. Here, Varun Baker, a young Jamaican entrepreneur and winner of the CTA Pitch AgriHack 2018 contest, explains why he is convinced that blockchain technology can help to change this – and how his own start-up Farm Credibly is using the technology to improve access to finance for unbanked farmers.


  1. Making agriculture attractive to young people

    This brief by Lawrence Afere, Oluwaseun Adedeji, Varun Baker, Constance Barbou des Courieres, Lilian Mabonga, Michael Ocansey and Paul Neate suggests that agriculture can be made attractive to the next generations of young people in ACP countries.


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