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Votausi Lucyann Mackenzie-Reur

Founder of Lapita and Managing Director of Lapita Café Limited and Lapita Lodge in Vanuatu

Founder of Lapita, a successful catering food business promoting local ingredients

Votausi Lucyann Mackenzie-Reur


Mrs Votausi Lucyann Mackenzie-Reur is the Managing Director of Lapita Café Limited and Lapita Lodge in Vanuatu. She holds a Master’s in community nutrition and a Bachelor’s in education. Mrs MackenzieReur has extensive experience in community nutrition programmes with a focus on non-communicable diseases and research and development on tropical crops. In the last years, her company has created value added products from local root crops which are currently being sold in domestic and international markets.


  1. Building the evidence base on the agricultural nutrition nexus: Vanuatu

    A rapid scan on the agriculture and nutrition situation in Vanuatu was undertaken in 2017 to build the evidence base for strengthening the linkage between two important sectors – agriculture and health, for improved food and nutrition outcomes. The food and nutrition situation in Vanuatu has changed over the years as dietary patterns and lifestyles transitioned from a dependence on mostly subsistence living to a more urbanised western lifestyle.


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