The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) confirms closure by end of 2020.

Wendy Levy

Media specialist, The Australian National University


Communicator and journalist. High-level experience in government, complex international humanitarian emergencies and development. Member, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.



In Pacific Island countries, entrepreneurs are working together with small-scale farmers and local communities to develop world-class natural beauty products for sale in the regional tourist sector as well as for export to international markets.


Precision agriculture promises better returns to investment and improved livelihoods for farmers around the world. One of the biggest changes in agriculture in our lifetimes, it is spreading to developing countries, where smart farming technologies, including data collected from satellites and drones, are set to fine tune the way farmers grow their crops.


Eighteen new seed varieties developed in Timor Leste are thriving despite tough local conditions. Tried and tested by Timorese farmers, the quality seeds are contributing to higher yields and production rates than traditional varieties, and reducing the nation’s import requirements and hungry season.