The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.
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Linking agriculture to tourism markets in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



In most small island states, tourism is among the top contributors to GDP, employment, and the export market, with many islands having limited natural resources or other significant industrial opportunities. 

Tourism is also a leading employment sector for women and young people and has low barriers of entry for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to gain access to the market. By contrast, agriculture – which has traditionally been a mainstay of communities in these regions – has struggled to develop, and has seen its economic contribution drop; productivity tends to be very low, and volume and quality are not comparable to those provided by imports.

As a result, most ACP Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are heavily reliant on food imports, with the tourism sector being a significant contributor to the food import bill. CTA’s proposed agritourism development project, therefore, aims to strengthen intersectoral linkages between agriculture and tourism in ACP SIDS as its primary objective.


The project aims to create an enabling policy environment for agritourism development and to also leverage funds, investments and public partnerships to promote agritourism and its associated value chains in order to improve agricultural productivity and scale up local sourcing. In order to achieve these goals, CTA relies on key partnerships with regional and national institutions in agriculture, tourism, trade and health, together with producer organisations and the private sector.


The project is implemented during 2018 and 2019 and comprise of two major activities:

Agritourism policy setting workshops are held in order to:

  • Support frameworks for national agritourism policies;
  • Facilitate dialogue and act as knowledge exchange platforms for relevant ministries, the private sector and other stakeholders (including women and youth);
  • Identify priority areas for policy development and potential agribusiness projects;
  • Contribute to the development of a regional model for agritourism policy development; and,
  • Share new opportunities, successes and best practices across ACP SIDS.

Agritourism project proposals are developed in order to:

  • Attract external funding in relation to agritourism development.
  • Scale up identified businesses – particularly those delivering agricultural value-added products aligned with the priorities identified in each region.


Expected impacts of the project include the adoption of policies linking agriculture and tourism and increased investment in agritourism in ACP SIDS. Conducive policies for agritourism development will lead to increased income generation opportunities for farmers and local agribusinesses.

The project is expected to produce functional, replicable and scalable models for the development of agritourism and cross-sectoral policy and business exchanges, as well as market insight for agribusiness development within the tourism economy and the agritourism value chain.

The project also provides a valuable opportunity for CTA to share and build upon lessons derived from the intersectoral linkages built between agriculture and tourism.

Project partners

  • Caribbean: IICA, ITC, the Caribbean Culinary Association, CEDA, Chefs Associations and the Caribbean private sector
  • Pacific: SPTO, PIPSO, SPC, IFAD, Chefs Associations and the Pacific private sector
  • Africa: RECs , UN agencies, AfDB, Regional Farmer’s Organisations (RFOs), Panafrican Farmer’s Organisations (PAFO), Chefs Associations and private sector organisations
  • Ministries of agriculture, tourism and trade are also partner with the project.

Project outputs

The root and tuber industry of Barbados - Current status and suggestions for the future

Tourism-led agribusiness in the South Pacific countries

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