The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.
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Brussels Development Policy Briefings


A growing number of policy challenges have an impact on the agricultural and rural sector of ACP countries in a global context, impacted by climate change, migration flows and low levels of investment in agriculture.


The Brussels Development Policy Briefings aim to offer a structured exchange of information and experience amongst the development community in Brussels, to facilitate ACP-EU dialogue, enhance communication and increase collaboration and partnerships.


Initiated in July 2007, the Brussels Development Policy Briefings are held to facilitate ACP-EU policy dialogue. They are a forum to share knowledge, policy perspectives and best practices in agricultural and rural development. They provide a foundation for new partnerships and initiatives to be scaled up by facilitating networking on key rural development issues among Brussels-based policy-makers and the development community.

A key approach of the Briefings is the participation of leading innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers from ACP countries who share their experiences and lessons for success and replication directly with the audience. In addition to the diverse audience of influencers from Brussels and neighbouring European countries, livestreaming of the event also enables the widest possible reach for the Briefings.

The Briefings are made possible through a unique partnership between CTA, the EC (DG EuropeAid), the ACP Secretariat and the ACP Committee of Ambassadors, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development (Concord) and other strategic partners.


The Briefings address topical issues and key challenges facing ACP agricultural research and development, and provide the latest updates from policy, practice and research.

Since 2007, a wide range of topics, including food security, trade and development, environment and climate change, agribusiness development and smart farming have been covered.

A dedicated multimedia platform (in English and French) features blogs, policy briefs, a 30–50 page reader (providing an overview and the latest resources and reference document), presentations and videos from each Briefing. The provision of these rich resources online allows those not able to participate to benefit from the debate.

In 2017, CTA also released a new multimedia pack that contained key documents and highlights from the Brussels Development Policy Briefings, spanning 10 years. The pack was produced to provide insights from experts, decision-makers and key actors in a format that contributes to knowledge-sharing. Containing more than 30 readers, the pack also includes expert presentations and videos from each Briefing, policy briefs and a series of infographics reflecting the most pressing policy issues and developments in agriculture, trade and rural development in ACP countries.

A 2019 edition is in preparation covering the material produced during the Briefings held since 2017.


The Briefings have a wide impact, both during the time events are held and more broadly, as a repository of materials.

On average, each briefing:

  • attracts 140-160 participants,
  • has over 400 views through webstreaming in English and French channels,
  • generates close to a million impressions and reaches tens of thousands of views via Twitter.

Overall results since 2007 have been equally impressive:

  • 60 briefings organised
  • over 300 organisations involved (ACP, EU and international),
  • more than 7,000 individuals participating (representing policy-makers, researchers, farmers and the private sector) from 120 countries.

The Briefings also reach over 30,000 people per year who access material through the multimedia platform, including presentations, video recordings, interviews and other resources.

According to an external evaluation in 2014, the Brussels Briefings have improved the positioning and visibility of CTA among EU-based professionals. They provide a unique platform for CTA to help raise the organisation’s profile, and the opportunity to engage with the highest-level policy-makers in the ACP and EC, as well as other key agencies (such as GIZ, IFPRI and NEPAD) and major donors. This has led to deeper engagement between CTA and key policy partners, greater influence over important global and regional policy agendas, and stronger links with actors in the field.

For those physically participating, the Briefings provide multiple services, which include the opportunity to meet experts and network. For example, they enable ACP farmers’ organisations, other value chain actors and Brussels-based policy-makers to regularly interact. The Briefings also serve the wider ACP-EC community through the rich resources that are easily accessible via the website and the multi-media package.

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Sustainable agriculture: where are we on SDGs implementation?


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"Key challenges and opportunities for the next generation of farmers" by Débísí Àràbà, Director, Africa Region, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

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Oct 23

Brussels Briefing 58: "Africa’s agriculture trade in a changing environment"

The Brussels Briefing 58 on "Africa’s Agriculture Trade in a changing environment" takes place on 23 October 2018. This Briefing is co-organised by CTA, in collaboration with the European Commission (DG DEVCO), the ACP Secretariat, Concord, IFPRI and GIZ.

Brussels, Belgium

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Sustainable agriculture: where are we on SDGs implementation?

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