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Wild turmeric turns a trade in Belize

In Toledo district, farmers are earning three times the going rate for their turmeric by supplying a local processing company to produce the world’s first ‘wildcrafted’ whole root turmeric paste.

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Youth can bring a level of innovation to CSA initiatives

Four ways farmers can improve resource management to become climate-smart

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Drones: supporting precision agriculture in Africa

The Cameroonian company Agribizz, a member of the UAV4Ag community, was selected to represent Cameroon in the project ‘Transforming Africa’s Agriculture: Eyes in the Sky, Smart Techs on the Ground’ commonly called ‘Eyes in the Sky’. Its Chief Executive Officer, Jasmin Choake, shares what the team learned from participating, as well as his opinion on the role that drones will play in the transformation of African agriculture.

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It is essential to work with indigenous people on climate change adaptation

Africa agribusiness, a $1 trillion business by 2030

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Eastern Africa View all in Eastern Africa

Kenyan mobile platform matches supply with demand

To reduce fragmentation in the produce market, a mobile-based platform is supplying vendors in Kenya with fresh fruit and vegetables and providing a steady market for smallholders.

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Project increases Ugandan smallholder yields and incomes by 70%

Agri-wallet, a wallet for smallholder farmers

Using fintech to drive financial inclusion for rural women

Southern Africa View all in Southern Africa

Adopting climate-smart agricultural innovations in Southern Africa: Knowledge alone is not enough

Some say that knowledge is power. In the knowledge age, information and ideas are touted as raw materials that are as important as other tangible resources such as land, labour and money. In the agriculture sector, this is also true, with information playing key roles in farmer adaptation and resilience building. But recent experiences from a field project to upscale climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in Southern Africa show that by itself, knowledge of proven climate smart agricultural innovation is not enough to ensure farmer uptake.

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The KJWA puts agriculture centre stage in climate negotiations

Channeling Africa's water resources to build resilience

Farmer organisations promote youth entrepreneurship – Lessons from Zimbabwe

Western Africa View all in Western Africa

Mali ramps up mango export capacity

To help reduce significant mango post-harvest losses in Mali, fresh fruit packing and cold storage facilities have been established in the country.

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Drones could become one of the main drivers of agricultural growth in Senegal

Using drones to boost agriculture in Burkina Faso

"Using digital technologies to catalyse development"

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Women-led agribusiness in Samoa reaches global markets

Imagine a small women-led organisation in a remote Pacific island nation supplying products sold in more than 3,000 shops in 66 countries. Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI), a non-profit organisation working with 1,000 farming families in Samoa is doing just that, and much more.

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Channeling Africa's water resources to build resilience

Young ICT innovators snap up 2018 Pacific AgriHack Lab awards

The building blocks for better value chains

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