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Empowering Women in Agribusiness

Women play a vitally important role in a whole range of agricultural activities. According to the Pew Research Centre, women make up at least half the productive workforce in some African countries. In addition to their role as food producers, they are responsible for preparing food in the home and ensuring that their families have a nutritious diet. However, it tends to be men, rather than women, who undertake and mostly benefit from profitable activities along agricultural value chains.

Consultancy for the Youth Economic Empowerment through Agribusiness in Kenya (Vijabiz) project

Solar energy powers Jamaica’s poultry industry

Economic impacts of climate change on priority value chains in the Caribbean

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Reducing risk: Technologies safeguarding commodities in agricultural supply chains

As agri-tech firms and other innovators turn their attention to the protection, tracking and last-mile delivery of agricultural commodities, their apps and services are helping to reduce the risk associated with lending to farmers.

Redoubling efforts to address food insecurity

Foreign investment’s critical role in African agriculture’s transformation

Africa must introduce informed investment policies

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Delivering bundled digital products and services for climate-smart agriculture in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, climate change is emerging as the most serious threat to agriculture. To address the challenge, a leading farmers’ organisation has teamed up with a private sector telecoms company to provide bundled climate-smart agriculture products and services to farmers.

“African agricultural policies have to be climate proofed”

Reaping the economic rewards of conservation

Foreign investment’s critical role in African agriculture’s transformation

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MyKana: Designed in Fiji, tailor made for improving Fijian health

The journey to the Agrihack Lab in Tonga on 3-6 December 2018 started with a collaboration between the Centre for Flexible Learning at the University of the South Pacific (USP), and the National Food and Nutrition Centre, Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Fiji to address the current nutrition crisis in the Pacific.

TraSeable Farms - Reimagining the Pacific Islands Agriculture Sector

ICT competition success for Solomon Islands start-up

ICTs Boost Samoan Agriculture

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