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Agribusiness market information via mobile phone – one tool, many impacts

A market information service delivered by mobile phone is helping to promote transparency in Senegal, enabling farmers to obtain fairer prices for their products – including producers who have not signed up for the service.

by Pierre Ricau , Hermann Tossou , Osseni Senou and Marc Ghislain Bappa Se


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Jul 31

GODAN Action webinar on Data Interoperability: The Land Portal experience of open data management

This webinar is hosted as part of GODAN Action. GODAN Action is a three-year project to enable data users, producers and intermediaries to engage effectively with open data in the agriculture and nutrition sectors. In particular we work to strengthen capacity, to promote common standards and best practice and to improve how we measure impact

Wageningen, Netherlands

Jan 31

Workshop: Information systems for agricultural risk management

Following government demands, the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), identified information systems as one of the main limiting factors to assess and manage risks to make informed decisions and investments into agricultural risk management tools in several sub-Saharan African countries. In response, PARM finalised a study on "Information Systems for Agricultural Risk M…
Via Paolo di Dono, 44, 00142 Roma, Italy

May 5

WSIS 2016: Panel discussion on Accelerating ICT for agriculture entrepreneurship to promote youth livelihoods and sustainable development

CTA, in collaboration ITU, will organise a dialogue on “Accelerating ICT for agriculture entrepreneurship to promote youth livelihoods and sustainable development”. The session will involve young agritech entrepreneurs from various countries, international business and government experts. It will help discuss how this emer…

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