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Cascaded mentoring for successful youth agripreneurship in Africa

Guidance from business professionals or peers can provide valuable support for young entrepreneurs just starting out. Here, Blessing Mene from Nigeria, and Hermann Tossou from Benin, both 29, describe how they have benefited from mentoring – and ho…

by Mariam Kadzamira , Mene Blessing and Hermann Tossou


Building farmers’ resilience to climate in Southern Africa

Smallholder farmers often rely on rain-fed agriculture. As a result, farming families oscillate between ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ throughout the year, with their food security, nutrition and income dependent upon the vagaries of the weather.

by Olu Ajayi


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Nov 21

FAO International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation: Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the SDGs

The world is facing unprecedented global challenges that affect the sustainability of food and agriculture systems, and thus the livelihoods of millions of family farmers worldwide. These challenges pose serious threats to achieving the right to adequate food and the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger. More food will be needed to feed a growing population and, in order t…
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Aug 1

Building Capacity for Institutionalising Food Safety Tracking in African Union Member States

Through the Malabo Declaration in June 2014, African heads of state and governments made a commitment to accelerated agricultural growth and transformation, for shared prosperity and improved livelihoods. African leaders committed their countries to the mutual accountability of results and actions, within a biennial review process which involves tracking, monitoring and reporting on the progres…

Sep 12

AMCOMET Africa Hydromet Forum 2017

The inaugural AMCOMET Africa Hydromet Forum will bring together representatives from governments, public and private sectors, regional entities, development agencies and civil society to provide strategic insight to improve hydrological, meteorological and early-warning services to achieve climate an…
Roosevelt St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

May 10

Regional Workshop: Youth Employment: enabling decent agriculture and agri-business jobs

The purpose of the workshop is to launch the new regional FAO Special Programme on Youth Employment, and exchange with experts on the latest trends and approaches on promoting more and better jobs for youth in the agricultural sector and value chains. The Special Programme on Youth Employment adopts an integrated approach structured around three main components…
Gold Coast City, Accra, Ghana

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