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Realising climate gains from smallholder chicken farming in Africa

There is hardly a document on African climate change issues that does not portray livestock husbandry in a negative light - responsible for emitting substantial quantities of greenhouse gases. While it is true that some livestock play a role in gener…

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Aug 21

Climate finance and support mechanisms for a resilient agriculture sector in West and Central Africa

As African agriculture is mainly rainfed, smallholder farmers and food security are vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather. Adaptation and resilience in Africa’s agriculture is critically important and has assumed a priority in policy discourse and development agenda in the continent. Increasing investment to support adaptation and resilience of agriculture has been identified as one of th…

Dec 5

Agriculture advantage 2.0 - Climate-smart agriculture: Identifying the best bets - COP24 side event

Agriculture is likely to be the sector mostly affected by the impacts of climate change. Many developing countries included agriculture and land use change as an adaptation priority and also a mitigation opportunity in their nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement. Positive climate outcomes from the agriculture sector in both areas require the identification of climate-sma…
Katowice, Poland

Jun 18

Adaptation Futures 2018 - 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference

Adaptation Futures 2018 aims to facilitate dialogues for solutions between key actors from diverse perspectives and regions. Over 1000 scientists, practitioners, business leaders and policymakers from around the world will join to connect, learn and inspire.

Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Nov 10

COP23 side event: The science-policy interface for climate-smart agriculture in action: What are the lessons learned?

Agriculture is likely to be the sector most affected by the impacts of climate variability and change. At the same time, many countries have pledged to reduce their emissions following the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015, and many developing countries thus included agriculture and land use change in their NDCs both as a mitigation opportunity and an adaptation priority. In this context, Climat…
Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7, 53113 Bonn, Germany

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