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Mar 20

Innovative Cooperative for Optimal Nutrition in Africa (ICON)

With one in four people in sub-Saharan Africa undernourished, Africa is the continent most affected by hunger and malnutrition. Rapid population growth is undermining the capacity of countries to sustainably source food and guarantee access to major food products. Changing food consumption habits – for food that is imported and not very nutritious – coupled with unstable food prices also co…

Feb 28

Promoting youth entrepreneurship and job creation in the West African rice value chain (PEJERIZ)

In Mali and Senegal, youth unemployment in rural areas is a key driver for urban migration and emigration to Europe. Low income, underutilisation of skills and low productivity are some of the problems that youth experience. Yet, youth offer an innovative and dynamic workforce, demonstrating a high uptake of modern technology and the ability to ta…
West Africa

Nov 29

European Microfinance Week 2017: Revealing New Frontiers in Inclusive Finance

European Microfinance Week (EMW), taking place 29th November to 1st December and hosted by e-MFP, is one of the top events in the microfinance calendar and a unique meeting point for all professionals working in the inclusive finance sector worldwide. The event is widely recognised for its high-quality sessions and excellent networking opportunities. Last year’s event attracted close to 500 p…
28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg

Jul 1

Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among rural youth in Zambia

Zambia has great potential to become a breadbasket in Southern Africa, owing to its vast fertile land and abundant water resources, however, of the 58% of land suitable for agricultural production, only 14% is under cultivation. Small-scale farm production in Zambia is often not sufficient to cover basic household nutritional needs and, even if farmers do produce a surplus that can be sol…

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