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Boosting West Africa's regional grain trade through stronger market institutions and enabling policies

The level of intra-regional trade of cereals such as maize, millet, sorghum and rice is lagging way below its potential in West Africa, despite opportunities from flourishing local production and strong demand from growing urban populations. A confer…


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Aug 28

Launching of the Vijabiz project

CTA in partnership with USTADI will be launching the Youth Economic Empowerment through Agribusiness in Kenya (VIjabiz) project. The overreaching goal of the project is to create sustainable employment for the rural youth in the counti…
Nairobi, Kenya

Feb 28

Promoting youth entrepreneurship and job creation in the West African rice value chain (PEJERIZ)

In Mali and Senegal, youth unemployment in rural areas is a key driver for urban migration and emigration to Europe. Low income, underutilisation of skills and low productivity are some of the problems that youth experience. Yet, youth offer an innovative and dynamic workforce, demonstrating a high uptake of modern technology and the ability to ta…
West Africa

Jul 3

The MUIIS Cooperative Platform

The “MUIIS Cooperative Platform” aims to gather about 150 leaders and managers of agricultural cooperatives (coops) and farmer organisations (FOs) targeted by the MUIIS project, for a 5 day event at NARO-Kawanda.The Market-led, User-owned ICT4Ag-enabled Information Service (…
Kawanda, Uganda

Apr 11

Scaling-Up Climate-smart Agricultural Solutions for Cereals and Livestock Farmers in Southern Africa

Weather patterns highly influence agricultural activities in southern Africa and, in turn, the food security, nutrition and income of rural households. The high vulnerability to climatic change causes recurrent swings between food scarcity and surplus, which results in food insecurity for up to six million people.…

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