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Internship Social Media

CTA is looking for a highly motivated and result-oriented intern to implement CTA’s social media strategy.

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Jul 1

Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among rural youth in Zambia

Zambia has great potential to become a breadbasket in Southern Africa, owing to its vast fertile land and abundant water resources, however, of the 58% of land suitable for agricultural production, only 14% is under cultivation. Small-scale farm production in Zambia is often not sufficient to cover basic household nutritional needs and, even if farmers do produce a surplus that can be sol…

Jun 15

Eastern African Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services Policy Dialogue

Towards enabling policies for the new Extensionist, presentation of the Knowledge Ecosystems approach to the AFAAS community gathered there and participate in the work on developing the curriculum on the ‘New Extensionist” as follow up to work of several GFRAS working groups.
Hotel Africana, Plot 2-4 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda

Feb 24

Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning opportunity: WOUGNET

The Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) will offer a two-day Web 2.0 and Social Media learning opportunity with a curriculum developed by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). The workshop will introduce participants to selected Web2.0 applications, including social media, and will learn how to use them hands-on. The Learning Opportunity will also cover advanced on…
Kampala, Uganda

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