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Feb 22

Webinar: Farmers’ Access to Data: Data-driven agriculture overview

This webinar provides attendees a foundation for understanding the use of data for farming and across the agricultural value chain. Attendees should be able to apply the core concepts of using data for field operations, as well as how data is used across the value chain. Attendees are introduced to the opportunities and challenges of using data, especially for smallholder farmers.…

Jun 6

The Sustainable Food Lab’s 2015 Summit

The Sustainable Food Lab’s 2015 Summit is an opportunity to explore new challenges - emerging issues in the food system as well as the leadership required to engage across organisations, sectors and regions. All business must meet targets for operations and raw materials, and many NGOs are focused on business supply chains. Yet to ensure a reliable supply of raw materials and sustainable livelih…
Rotterdam, Katendrechtse Hoofd, 3072 Rotterdam, Netherlands

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