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Jul 31

GODAN Action webinar: Data ecosystem mapping to support FAIR data principles

Creating a map of a data ecosystem can help us to understand and explain where and how the use of data creates value. A data ecosystem map can help to identify the key data stewards and users, the relationships between them and the different roles they play. Representing ecosystems in detailed maps can be particularly useful when contexts are complex, not well understood or not yet fully develo…

Sep 7

Contribution to the Policy Symposium: Agritech Development

Digital and analytics in agriculture present an opportunity to provide goods and services at-scale to smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and inform improved decision-making for the public and private sectors. We are currently seeing multiple start-ups across sub-Saharan Africa innovating this approach in different ways. This symposium will consider what ecosystems, Partnerships, an…
Kigali, Rwanda

Jun 14

Food 2030: Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security Conference

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU is organising a Flagship Conference dedicated to Research and Innovation (R&I) as a driver of sustainable food systems transformation. Such a transformation requires a new way of doing science, research and innovation that puts the food system at the centre as a means to ensure food and nutrition security in a changing world affected by the com…
бул. Менделеев 12, 4000 Trakiya, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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