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Blended finance funds impact African agriculture

Impact investment funds are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for governments and donors looking to invest in African agriculture and encourage private sector investors to do the same.



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Sep 5

Entrepreneurial Youth in Agriculture: New Skills and Technologies for Growth

To effectively harness the emerging opportunities for economic transformation and associated work opportunities for youth, policymakers need to anticipate how these trends will affect African agriculture and proactively formulate and implement pragmatic strategies to respond to them. The session will focus on the salient transformational changes influencing agriculture and employment patterns w…
Kigali, Rwanda

Sep 14

EAFFs 4th Farmers Congress and Assembly

Theme: Organizing small holder farmers to harness new investments; partnerships & innovations to enhance value chain ownership, productivity & market integration.This congress will be marking the beginning of a New Transformative approach towards the sustainability of EAFF and that of its member organizations. EAFF has embraced ICT4Ag and is rolling out its largest projec…
Wavamunno Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Jul 1

Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among rural youth in Zambia

Zambia has great potential to become a breadbasket in Southern Africa, owing to its vast fertile land and abundant water resources, however, of the 58% of land suitable for agricultural production, only 14% is under cultivation. Small-scale farm production in Zambia is often not sufficient to cover basic household nutritional needs and, even if farmers do produce a surplus that can be sol…

Oct 5

IOC/Smart Fish workshop

A workshop organised by the Smart Fish programme of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) is set to take place from 5 to 9 October for the launch of the Regional Fisher-folks Organisations Network and bilateral discussion with the Seychelles Fisheries Agency (SFA) and the Fishing Boat Owners Association (FBOA).…
Victoria, Seychelles

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