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Climate-smart community seed banks conserve and share essential farm biodiversity resources

Community seed banks offer a sustainable way to improve access to high-value seeds, creating viable community-based businesses and maintaining biodiversity. In addition, community seed banks contribute to farmer adaptation. They also indirectly enhan…

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Jan 19

Open data for Better Land Governance

It is widely understood that effective use of land, the sustainable production of food and development are linked. Yet, creating effective policy, which takes into account broader notions such as economic prosperity and social justice, especially in the context of competing claims to land use and title, still presents significant challenges. The difficulties are compounded by the fragment…
Dodoma, Tanzania

Aug 29

Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs – Key Players in Pacific Agribusiness Development

Women play a prominent role in agricultural production, processing and trade throughout the Pacific Island region in agriculture and fisheries. In the Pacific, like in many other countries in the world, women play an important role in the private and informal sectors but they are less likely to own land, have limited to access to the financial sector and further entrepreneurial activities can…
Apia, Samoa

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