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Feb 15

42nd IFAD Governing Council: The Future of Farming – New Technologies to Transform Smallholder Agriculture

This session introduces frontier technologies and innovative thinkers, demonstrates pathways to integrate new technologies in rural communities, and supports grassroots innovation and development. It is designed to project a long-term vision of the next generation of smallholder agriculture projects, looking ten to thirty years into the future.

Jan 24

Effective use open data and weather data to enhance agricultural productivity and improve communities' nutrition

Global Food Security Index (2017) ranked Rwanda the 88th out of 113 assessed countries worldwide. Also recent Health Demographic Survey (2015) has shown that prevalence of stunting among children under five was above 38%. Open data can be used in decision-making in tackling these problems.

Jun 27

Brussels Briefing 51: Agriculture as an engine of economic reconstruction and development in fragile countries

The Brussels Briefing 51 discusses successes in the agricultural sector in some fragile countries which highlight entrepreneurship initiatives in the ground which support the various value chain actors, rural communities, young and women entrepreneurs.  While many challenges exist, the Briefing will demonstrate that new opportunities can also be leveraged and resilience shown.

Apr 24

14th CAADP Partnership Platform - Accelerating Implementation of National Agricultural Investment plan to achieve the Malabo goals and targets

The 14th CAADP Partnership Platform will be organised by the African Union Commission and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency under the theme “Accelerating Implementation of National Agricultural Investment plan to achieve the Malabo goals and targets”.The platform will attract high level African leadership, regional economic commun…
Libreville, Gabon

Mar 22

Supporting effective engagement with research & open data in the agriculture and nutrition. Lessons from IGAD & GODAN Action.

This is a joint session organised by Research Data Alliance (RDA)/Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) and GODAN (RDA affiliated member) to discuss lessons learnt and share experience from both communities on how to effectively support engagement with research data management and open data.…
Berlin, Germany

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