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Jan 24

Effective use open data and weather data to enhance agricultural productivity and improve communities' nutrition

Global Food Security Index (2017) ranked Rwanda the 88th out of 113 assessed countries worldwide. Also recent Health Demographic Survey (2015) has shown that prevalence of stunting among children under five was above 38%. Open data can be used in decision-making in tackling these problems.

Nov 20

Brussels Briefing 53 - 'The next generation of farmers: successes and new opportunities'

The Brussels Briefing 53 discusses the policies and actions required to support the next generation of farmers to increase productivity, better access to remunerative markets and increased use of technology. It will also share lessons learned from successes in farming across ACP and EU regions.

Georges Henrilaan 451, 1200 Brussel, Belgium

Nov 5

'Accelerating the uptake of climate-smart agriculture' kickoff

CTA and implementing partners have begun to implement a project 'Accelerating the uptake of climate-smart agriculture', in Ethiopia, aimed at improving resilience, agricultural productivity, food security and the income of 20,000 smallholder farmers in Ethiopia through the promotion of widespread adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices. The project identifies proven CSA approaches…
Awassa, Ethiopia

Jun 18

“Accelerating the Uptake of Climate-Smart Agriculture” kickoff

The project “Accelerating the Uptake of Climate-Smart Agriculture” seeks to improve resilience, agricultural productivity, food security and income of 5,000 smallholder farmers in Jamaica through the promotion of widespread adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices. The project will identify proven CSA approaches…
Kingston, Jamaica

Apr 1

Promoting blockchain to increase innovation and business performance in the agrifood sector

Blockchain technology – a digital ledger providing data storage and exchange through a secure, decentralised platform ¬– has the potential to bring a host of benefits to the agrifood sector, but it must be researched comprehensively and implemented strategically if those benefits are to be realised. Having identified innovation for production and profitability as central to its refreshed s…

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