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Nov 27

Sustainable and profitable value chains and agribusinesses in the Caribbean

Agriculture has been declining in the Caribbean over the last 10 years. Nevertheless, it still provides a livelihood for many, especially in rural communities, and contributes to food and nutrition security. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has highlighted the need for the region’s agriculture to become more business oriented. Indeed, some farmers are still able to access export markets in E…
Trinidad and Tobago

Sep 15

GODAN Summit 2016

The GODAN Summit will bring together world leaders, researchers, farmers, students and others - public, private and non-profit united around a collaboration on agriculture and nutrition data openness. Join the largest event ever planned for open data in agriculture and nutrition. The goals of the Summit are to illustrate the opening, the use, and the importance of agriculture and nutrition dat…
1335 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10019, USA

Jul 30

P3DM activities in Uganda

A series of Participatory 3D Mapping (P3DM) activities are scheduled to take place in the province of Karamoja, in Uganda in August. The activities result from the partnership between CTA, the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IRR), Ermis Africa and Environmenal Surveys, Information, Plann…
Kampala, Uganda

Oct 19

Open Access Week 2015

The 9th International Open Access Week (OAW) will take place from Monday 19 to Friday 25 October, 2015. This year’s theme is ‘open for collaboration’, which highlights the ways in which collaboration both inspires and advances the open access movement. For example, exploring the partnerships beh…

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