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May 10

Regional Workshop: Youth Employment: enabling decent agriculture and agri-business jobs

The purpose of the workshop is to launch the new regional FAO Special Programme on Youth Employment, and exchange with experts on the latest trends and approaches on promoting more and better jobs for youth in the agricultural sector and value chains. The Special Programme on Youth Employment adopts an integrated approach structured around three main components…
Gold Coast City, Accra, Ghana

Mar 1

Food First Vijverberg Session: Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in Africa

Globally, there are 74 million people unemployed between the ages of 15 – 24 representing 40% of global unemployment. At least 200 million young people globally work in insecure jobs, earning less than US$ 2 per day. With an increasing number of young people entering the job market, it is predicted that at least 600 million new jobs need to be created within the next 10 years to sustain this…
Bezuidenhoutseweg 5, 2594 AB Den Haag, Netherlands

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