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Seed fairs: an innovative climate-smart practice to obtain stress-tolerant seeds

A major concern for smallholder farmers at the start of each season is to choose and source seeds, and with the advent of climate change, this is more critical than ever. As part of a CTA-led initiative to help farmers counter drought and other extre…

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Climate-smart community seed banks conserve and share essential farm biodiversity resources

Community seed banks offer a sustainable way to improve access to high-value seeds, creating viable community-based businesses and maintaining biodiversity. In addition, community seed banks contribute to farmer adaptation. They also indirectly enhan…

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Dec 1

African edition of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA)

Countries in Africa already face semi-arid conditions that make agriculture challenging and in fertile regions, dependence on traditional farming methods means yields are far below what would be expected. GFIA Africa will assemble the people needed to effect real change and offer hundreds of solutions that can raise productivity, stop post harvest losses and mitigate the effects of cl…
45 Bram Fischer Road, Durban, 4001, South Africa

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