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Alternative extension models vs. ICT enabled systems

There is no doubt that agricultural extension and advisory services (EAS) have been going through a tumultuous crisis over the past years. But, from my over 25 years of experience as a farmer, agricultural extension practitioner, and ICT for developm…

by Benjamin Addom


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Feb 12

International Food Safety conference: Transforming knowledge into action for people, economies and the environment

Ongoing changes in climate, global food production and supply systems affect consumers, industry and the planet itself. These changes can have an impact on food safety systems and pose sustainability and development challenges. This is a pivotal moment demanding urgent reflection on actions needed to bolster food safety. At the Addis Ababa conference, priorities w…
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Jan 28

#VALUE4HER: Network strenghtening meeting for women agripreneurs

CTA’s VALUE4HER project has embarked on a process of developing the first agribusiness intelligence network targeting women agripreneurs in Africa. The aim is to create a network of women in agribusiness, enhance information flow within these networks and with their markets, supply chains and other servi…
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nov 5

'Accelerating the uptake of climate-smart agriculture' kickoff

CTA and implementing partners have begun to implement a project 'Accelerating the uptake of climate-smart agriculture', in Ethiopia, aimed at improving resilience, agricultural productivity, food security and the income of 20,000 smallholder farmers in Ethiopia through the promotion of widespread adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices. The project identifies proven CSA approaches…
Awassa, Ethiopia

May 25

Big Data Seminar Series: Data revolution for development

Big Data and digitisation of food value chains & decision making offers opportunities for new type of applications, for a different engagement of actors in the value chain and the emergence of new types of development. With: Chris Addison  & Chipo Msengezi - “Data revolution for agriculture”Toma…

Apr 6

Increasing Dairy Productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers, and youth enterprise development in the Dairy sector East and Southern Africa (DAIRYPROFIT)

The East African region produces 68% of the continent’s milk output, with Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania among the biggest dairy producers. Smallholder milk production accounts for up to 80% of milk produced in the region; most of this milk (80%) is marketed raw, through a ‘warm’ chain (raw milk chain), which makes it almost impossible to ensure milk quality and safety standards.…

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