The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.

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Jan 1


Business intelligence services for price risk management in the maize, rice, millet and sorghum sectors in West Africa

Cereals in West Africa are part of the basic diet of the population and are an important source of income for many small producers. The cereal trade accounts for a significant share of intra-regional trade and has significant potential for improving food security and livelihoods. However, many obstacles deter the development of this trade, including the lack of reliable information and analysis…

Nov 24


Plug and Play event and meeting of GIZ Green Innovation Centres

An international workshop on ICT-based solutions will take place in collaboration with GIZ within the scope of its Global Programme on 'Innovation Centres for Agriculture and Food Sector'. The programme will gather participants from some of the 12 African countries where it is implemented: Benin, B…
Feldafing, Germany

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