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Application to the Youth Economic Empowerment through Agribusiness in Kenya - Vijabiz


Publié le jeudi, 20 septembre 2018.

Information note for application to the Vijabiz project, launched after winning a grant from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It is implemented and co-funded by CTA and the Kenya based USTADI Foundation.

Our Approach

This initiative is implemented in Kilifi and Nakuru counties. It will strive to build sustainable youth-led enterprises through collaboration with innovative financial service providers, creating market linkages, integrating innovatively digital technologies and enhancing business management capacity. Support will be specifically provided to value addition, as well as opportunities for scaling-up.

Activities and benefits

Besides the usual capacity building on entrepreneurship, youth groups will be taken through various capacity development initiatives including training in critical subjects such as leadership and ICT/social media use for agribusiness. These youth will also be provided with support for value addition and for establishing linkages to market in order to commercialize their products and generate revenues. They will benefit from mentoring and incubation services offered by professional agricultural organisations and incubators.

Depending on their innovativeness, the scope of operations and performance, selected youth groups will benefit from different support to scale up. At least 45 grants will be provided, in the form of a cash prize, procurement of small machinery or services to be offered to groups by service providers. The value of awards ranges from 1,000 USD to 20,000 USD. The experiences of youth groups will be captured and supported by a targeted knowledge management strategy.

Results and impacts

The initiative aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The enterprise skills of 2,250 youth (female and male) in selected agriculture value chains are developed and enhanced;
  • Young agripreneurs involved are offering innovative, value-added and remunerative services in targeted commodities;
  • Between 100 and 150 youth groups, aggregating at least 1,000 small agribusinesses have increased access to profitable markets and have generated increased revenues.


Between 100 and 150 rural youth groups (involving around 2,250 youths aged 18-35 years old, with at least 30% women) active in cereal, dairy and fishery value chains will be directly involved in the project. Indirectly, the project is anticipated to impact 10,000 youth due to employment generated by the youth businesses and through the dissemination of agribusiness opportunities and knowledge sharing. Agricultural development organisations and other value chain actors will also indirectly benefit from it.

Beneficiary Selection Criteria

Only youth groups must apply. The group:

Must have a minimum of 10 members per group (preferred groups should have at least 15 members or above).

  • Should have at least 30%, female members.
  • Must have 90% of members as youth (aged 18 – 35 years). All group leaders must be youth.
  • Should be willing to or be involved in commodities of the targeted value chains.
  • Should have at least a draft “business plan”.
  • Being involved with the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of youth, IFAD or of other very well known organisations will be an added advantage.
  • Should have at least 30% of members with a secondary education or diploma.
  • Should be resident in the target counties.
  • For new groups, willingness to commit resources is important, demonstration of credibility (for example through past engagements) will be key.
  • Groups should have assets equivalent to at least 10% of the grant applied for.

Applications should be filled out by group leaders or under their guidance; it can be done through the following channels:

  • Filling out the electronic form available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/vijabiz (preferred option).
  • People who cannot fill out the form can send an email to vijabiz@cta.int to request for a form.
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries or Ministry of Youth in your respective areas for hard copy forms.

If you have difficulties filling out the application form, please contact USTADI office for guidance.

The Application deadline date is 15th October 2018.

Date de début indicative:
20 septembre 2018
Date de clôture de la demande:
15 octobre 2018


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