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Exploring the impacts of open data in agriculture and nutrition



What are the benefits of open data in agriculture and nutrition? What can open data do to create more biodiverse agriculture? These are among the questions raised at the 3rd workshop on Creating impacts with open data in agriculture and nutrition.

Around the world, open data are being used to produce food at lower environmental and social costs. However, making these data open and available to those who need it most requires coordinated action amongst donors, private and public actors, development practitioners and agricultural stakeholders. A number of tools, data sets, networks and initiatives exist but the question on how to use these insights and unlock the benefits of open data remains partly unanswered.

The recent workshop in The Hague gathered experts, government representatives and key agricultural actors to identify action points for achieving impact in agriculture and nutrition through open data. Participants at the workshop also identified big wins of open data towards impact. Watch the video 'The big wins of open data for agriculture and nutrition' for more information.

“How do we increase capacity so data is collected in a proper and adequate way? How are we able to give every smallholder farmer access to data so he or she can use it in a relevant manner? How do we sensitise the population and increase collaboration to collect data and make use of it? How do we protect citizens from open data abuse, especially the very real concerns many have about privacy and security?” Muchiri Nyaggah, LRDI  

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  • Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition

Promouvoir les données ouvertes pour l’agriculture et la nutrition

Lors d’une conférence ministérielle sur l’initiative des données ouvertes pour l’agriculture et la nutrition et de la 4e exposition Agritec Afrique, organisées du 14 au 16 juin à Nairobi, au Kenya, des acteurs régionaux clés ont examiné des pistes pour promouvoir les données ouvertes et la science pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle.

The big wins of open data for agriculture and nutrition

This 10 minutes-long video provides an overview of the big wins in open data for agriculture and nutrition and the steps to deliver them. It also explains who can benefit from open data. For instance, giving smallholder farmers access to reliable data can translate into higher productivity, greater access to markets and better nutrition. Data can also be key to building support among policymakers for initiatives on food and nutrition security.

Forging links in open data for agriculture and nutrition

CTA facilitated two Data4Agriculture meetings simultaneously in Kigali and Brussels on 14 June 2016. Although the roles of the panels were different, there were many similarities in the conclusions.

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