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Tender for a Service Contract: Provision of Enterprise Development Support


Publié le mardi, 24 juillet 2018.

CTA is seeking to identify a consultant who will provide Enterprise Development Support to beneficiaries of the project: ‘Transforming African Agriculture: Eyes in the Sky, Smart Techs on the Ground’. The purpose of this assignment consists in assisting the 26 UAS operators, which are part of CTA’s UAS network in optimising their internal operations. This should lead to more efficient, operationally effective and growing enterprise.

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a joint international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU). Its mission is to advance food and nutritional security, increase prosperity and encourage sound natural resource management in ACP countries. It provides access to information and knowledge, facilitates policy dialogue and strengthens the capacity of agricultural and rural development institutions and communities. CTA operates under the framework of the Cotonou Agreement and is funded by the EU.

CTA is seeking to identify a consultant who will provide Enterprise Development Support to beneficiaries of the project ‘Transforming African agriculture: Eyes in the Sky, Smart Techs on the Ground’. Details of the assignment are found in the tender documents. The following documents constitute the tender dossier:

Interested parties should return without fail, by e-mail, the acknowledgement of receipt (Annex 1) informing CTA whether they wish to take part in the invitation to tender. This form must reach CTA, duly completed, dated and signed, latest by 3 August 2018 failing which, your tender may be considered administratively non-compliant and may be rejected.

Interested parties will find all the information concerning this invitation to tender, in particular, that relating to the contents and procedures of the tender, in the “Instructions for Tenderers” (Annex 2). Please read them carefully and comply accordingly therewith.

The Tenderer shall submit one (1) original plus three (3) loose copies of the tender in English or French. Tenders must be submitted using the double envelope system, i.e. an outer parcel or envelope containing three separate sealed envelopes, one marked “Envelop A – Administration”, the second marked “B – Technical Offer”, and the third marked “Envelope C – Financial Offer”.

Tenders must be sent to the attention of Ms Christine Webster, Senior Procurement and Grants Officer, CTA, Agro Business Park 2, 6708 PW Wageningen, Netherlands, and must arrive at the latest by Monday, 3 September 2018 @ 17h00 CET by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

Tenders may also be sent by express courier or delivered physically, against an acknowledgement of receipt, at the latest by 17:00h CET on the same date to same address mentioned above.

Any further questions about this invitation to tender are to be addressed to Mr Giacomo Rambaldi (rambaldi@cta.int). In accordance with the “Instructions for Tenderers”, such questions must reach us at the latest 21 calendar days before the deadline for the submission of tenders and must mention the reference to the contract. Any clarification on the invitation to tender shall be sent simultaneously by e-mail to all tenders at the latest 11 calendar days prior to the deadline for the submission of tenders.

Please note that upon the closing of the tendering procedure, candidates who were not selected will be informed by letter. No details will be provided as to the results, however. Any expenses incurred in connection with this invitation to tender will not be reimbursed by CTA and will consequently be borne by the tenderer.

Technical Queries and responses

Annexure 2, “Instructions to Tenderers” states that “Tenders exceeding the maximum budget available for the contract may be discarded” (clause 10.3). 

Question: What (explicit monetary allocation) is the maximum budget available for the contract?

Response: The maximum budget available for the contract is Euro 85,000/-, including fees and other costs like travel, accommodation, etc.

Annexure 2, clause 10.1, outlines the tender evaluation and verification requirements and states the following requirement: “More generally, verification that all the documents and information required of the tenderer and, where applicable, the members of a consortium and subcontractors are available and valid for each invitation to tender.” The form of guarantee (s) is not outlined, however; 

Question: Would a one-page declaration attesting to the availability of the required documentation and information suffice? 

Response: There is no need to provide a specific declaration. However all documents requested in the Letter of Invitation and its annexes shall be provided.

One of the Contractor responsibilities stated in Annexure 3 is to “Remotely monitor the implementation of the plan and provide feedback and - if needed - assistance remotely at 3, 6, and 9 months”. 

Question: Can we clarify the possible scope and resource requirements of the remote assistance that may be required? 

Response: Remote assistance consists in getting in touch with individual enterprises (e.g. and via the administration of online questionnaires or similar, via Skype calls or other VoIP means). The tenderers are supposed to propose this in their methodology. 

In setting the scope and expectations of the contractor in Annexure 3, the following is mentioned “In coordination with and according to priorities set by the Officer in Charge (OiC) of the Project, the Contractor will be responsible for the implementation of the following tasks:”

Question: Will the priorities of the OiC align with the content and requirements as set out in Annexure 2 & 3 and, if not, when will these additional priorities/expectations be available for incorporation in the approach and planning?

Response: Priorities expressed by the OiC refer to visiting one enterprise before or after another one, but all this will be discussed with the selected service provider in order to make field work the most effective as possible, also in terms of resource mobilisation. In Annexure 3 the following is mentioned: “CTA has allocated 190 working days (excluding international travel) for this assignment.” 

Question: Is this 190 days related to the budget in terms of man-days or is this the working period?

Response: 190 are the person-days allocated to the assignment. 

Date de début indicative:
3 septembre 2018 Cancelled
Deadline for receipt of tenders:
3 septembre 2018
Type de contrat:
Service Contract


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