Systèmes d’information sur les marchés agricoles en Afrique : Choisir la bonne technologie


Cette fiche fait partie d'une série de fiches d'information destinées aux personnes concevant et mettant en œuvre des systèmes d'information sur les marchés en Afrique.

When setting up a market information system, a wide range of technology options are open to you. The choice will depend on various factors: the scale and nature of the system you want to set up, the availability of supporting infrastructure (such as electricity, internet access and mobile phone coverage), and your budget. The technologies described here are not mutually exclusive: you may want to use a web-based system in an area with internet access and a paper-based one in more remote locations.

Sheets in this series

  1. Introduction to agricultural market information systems
  2. Developing an agricultural market information system
  3. Identifying clients and planning services
  4. Deciding on your business model
  5. Choosing the right technology
  6. Choosing and working with partners
  7. Collecting data
  8. Data analysis and packaging
  9. Disseminating information to your clients
  10. Marketing your market information service
  11. Data: Ethical and legal issues
  12. Role of donors and NGOs